My name is Renee Addario Evelyn.  I have three names (technically, with my given middle name, four) because I couldn’t decide on whether or not to take my husband’s name and drop the maiden one.  So I got lazy and never changed it, which confuses a lot of people and makes closing on a home a very lengthy process.

Me, as the Queen of my castle.

Me, as the Queen of my castle.

I’m a mom, wife and ex-corporate gal who thinks many things are funny. A couple of them are my kids and the crazy stuff they say and do. The other thing I think is hilarious is my lack of sleep. It keeps me cackling like an insane cat lady most days. I also like to sing and dance, which I think I’m VERY good at, but my husband and almost six year old son think differently. My two and a half year old daughter loves it though. Well, my dancing anyway. When she hears my smooth, beautiful voice, she’s been known to yell, “Mommy, NO!”

I’m obsessed with Instagram, as you’ll see (Photos page). I am an actual for-reals family portrait photographer, but for my own family, the good equipment isn’t good enough. So, my iPhone takes charge.

When there are billions of mommy-bloggers out there, I’m happy you’re reading this.


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