Time = romance in this house

Here are a few of my thoughts as of late:

  1. I used to be a co-sleep-believing-no-cry-let-your-kids-lead type of mom, which I thought was the right way to be for my family.  And for some families, it works and that’s all that matters.  But it didn’t for my family … or I should say, it did work, until my daughter came along.  Her team of medical experts told us what they recommended and (my stars!) they were right!  My two and half year old daughter’s night-tantrums (aka parasomnias) have almost completely ceased since we sleep “trained” her.  That’s right.  I fought the law and the law one.  It completely worked; I guess these world-reknown experts really know something!
  2. Not only have her parasomnias decreased dramatically (almost completely), her daily tantrums have too.  Why?  Mostly because she’s more rested during the day.  Also, she’s getting the help she needs: two days per week of speech therapy and OT.  My family has gained the tools and the skills to work with her to keep her calm and focused and happy.  It’s truly amazing.  Just a side note for anyone struggling with this issue; she is not autistic, she just has minor sensory sensitivity in addition to the parasomnia diagnosis and sleep-attachment.
  3. Since my family is getting a bit more sleep these days, my husband and I have enjoyed more time to ourselves.  Still not quite the quantity for which we’re aiming, but an hour or two here and there is still more than we’ve had in two and a half years.  Here’s some of the things we’re doing with all of our “new” time:
  • Leave the dinner dishes all over the kitchen (wait, we’ve always done that).
  • Watch a show on TV that will really help us learn more about humanity and the world around us:  Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, American Idol or Wicked Tuna.
  • GET MORE SLEEP (no, we haven’t gotten to that yet)!
  • Sit side by side on the couch, he on his laptop, me on mine; we’re super romantic.
  • Fold laundry (oops, no, that doesn’t happen).
  • Pick up toys and organize the house for the next day (no, that actually doesn’t happen either).

So as you can see, we’ve really been using our new-found time wisely and productively.  We’re sure to make 2013 a blockbuster year of firsts for our family, or just more of the same, we’re not quite sure yet.


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