Resolution solution

Happy 2013 peeps.  I wish you all good health, because really, that’s all that matters.

In addition to stellar health, I’m hoping for a few more things for me and my most favorite loved ones, because with resolutions, you can be as greedy as you wanna be. Not in order of importance, they are:

1. This is the year of no more diapers. Ever.  Well at least until old, old age, or major emergencies.

2. De-clutter, which means donating most of my children’s toys, my pots and pans and maybe even an appliance or four.

3. Of course, the obligatory exercise resolution.  I resolve to lose 30 pounds and win a gold medal in the olympic sport of laundry folding.

4. Mop the floors, all of them.

And lastly (until I think of a few more) …

5. SLEEP, but since I saw a news story on falling asleep behind the wheel on GMA this morning, I will vow not to do it there anymore.  Turns out, not the safest place to catch some z’s!  Who knew.


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