Sleeplessness bulldozes the funny out

I’ve made it clear we don’t sleep much in my family.  I’ve also made clear my daughter’s funny, cute little quirky habits.  Well, I haven’t written much lately, because some of those habits are not quite as funny and cute and are probably not habits at all.

On January 3rd, we have an appointment at one of the best (maybe THE best) children’s hospitals in the world.  We’re pushing to get a sleep-study for her.  I don’t need to get into the severity of her sleep issues, let’s just say, once again, there isn’t much sleeping going on for her, myself or my husband.

There are other challenges too: frequent, severe tantrums, a speech delay, a few sensory sensitivities together with fierce independence.  AND, she’s two and a half.  So there’s that.  I have done research, we see a family therapist weekly and a speech therapist weekly.  We’re starting occupational therapy soon and with the sleep study, we’re hoping to get a consecutive few hours of sleep each night … someday.

So, my friends, this is why I haven’t written lately.  Things have progressively gotten a bit worse the past few weeks, coupled with us all being sick, so I’ve got myself a recipe for disaster.

There’s nothing funny here … no silly anecdotes to how wine can save all, even it can only do so much.  In my little bubble world this is a lot to handle and I’m anxiously awaiting more professional help from our team of experts.

I hope to have something humorously post-worthy soon … really soon.  Until the funny  strikes, hang in with me while real life happens.


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