Scared out of my nose

OK, this literally just happened.  Husband is working late.  Two children asleep; five year old in his bed, two year old in my (her) bed.  I hear crying … not sure from which miniature body it’s coming.  I wait … it heightens.  I run up the stairs fast, assuming it’s the two year old and I move with the swiftness of a gazelle (I totally did!), so that I can get to her quickly.  If her crying escalates, big brother will be awake too.  And with one of me and two of them, I am down for the count, or at least an hour.  In mid-stride I hear it’s my daughter, I turn into my doorway and bowl over a human body, a small-ish one.  My son.  Standing just inside the doorway of my room in complete darkness.  He falls, I yell something that at this very holy time of year should not be uttered around children.

At this point, I am so freaked, I think my heart comes out my nose, which isn’t entirely that much different from childbirth, I realize now.  In any case, I also strongly say to my son, “What are you doing?”  His response?  “What are YOU doing?”  Hmmm.

Apparently, he was sleep-walking, or wandering around our three upstairs bedrooms in the dark, looking for Santa?  Another nightmare about the Elf on a Shelf?  Whatever the case my be, I now not only have two little bodies in my bed, neither of which are my own or my husband’s, but this completely proves what I always thought to be true: these two are trying to kill their precious, loving, fragile mother.  Serenity now.


4 thoughts on “Scared out of my nose

    • Thanks for commenting, Nanny! Glad you could laugh at my terrible misfortune. Someday, I will be able to enter my bedroom without the fear of trampling my son.

    • Thanks for writing, EducateWithToys! It is always startling to find someone wandering through your home at night, even if it’s one of your own rug rats. Good thing you and your hubby weren’t in attack mode.

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